Wednesday, January 23, 2008

it turns out i am not such a great blogger, but i have been working very hard on our new stuff for spring. i am going to New York next week for the NYGF and then Las Vegas to do POOL. the shows are really hard work, especially getting everything ready for them, but i enjoy it. i love getting to see the city (even in the dead of winter). we are going to have six new prints, a bunch of new shirt styles and some organic t's for men and women. here is a teeny tiny sneak preview of spring stuff with more to come.

sketchy thoughts from december of new stuff

Thursday, January 03, 2008

we had our first hard freeze here last night and my poor yard did not fair too well. i covered a few plants (my nasturtiums) but decided to let nature take it's course with everything else. the elephant ears and banana plants got the worst of it. the mocking bird wanted me to get the ice out of the bird bath.
happy new year!