Friday, November 07, 2008

Oh dear, it's been over a month.

We have been working really hard on a supermaggie update and it is finally done, well almost. After we comb for bugs it should be posted tonight or tomorrow! We are going to have some amazing one of a kind wallets and pouches from Slaughterhead and and bags from Chia plus a new batch of handmade felt scarves! We have been so behind this fall because of the hurricanes, my broken fingers and an inability to stop obsessing over the election ;)

Pictures of some of the new scarves!

Raspberry and Grape Loop


Berry Tangle

Bear Millie

In other news we had a mystery-t sale on supermaggie last week and there are a few items left at really great prices. We had years of t-shirt and top odds and ends piled up around the studio and it is a relief to send them to good homes - thanks to everyone that bought a few :) Also I have a box of wraps and t-shirts that I am going to dye, print hopefully post on supermaggie or maybe etsy soon.