Monday, February 28, 2011

Around the shop.

A few pictures from around the printshop!  We have been printing like crazy for the past week to get our first batch of spring orders completed and out to your favorite local boutique.  What?  Your favorite local boutique doesn't carry Supermaggie - well tell them to get in touch!  I am super excited about the new prints and bodies we have this spring - we will be posting them soon on the website.  Michael has been hard at work rebuilding Supermaggie so it can be viewed on tablets and smartphones (the current site is in Flash) and we are thinking it will be done this week.  Fingers crossed.


Ink mixing table plus too many squeegees.

Tape Wall

Beautifully labeled screens courtesy of Clayton.


Sarah J. said...

GO SUPERMAGGIE!!!! Can't wait to see the new designs!!

Crystalyn Kae said...

yay!! the photos look lovely and I can't wait to see your spring collection! xoxo Crystalyn